Welcome to the Ximeno Record Club.

After releasing ten 45s over six years, Ximeno began the record club.  In Early 2019 we will distribute three 45s and then three more 45s soon to follow.

These 45s are being hand picked and pressed exclusively for club members. They will not be repressed or featured on future compilations.

New members joining now, will receive doubles of the six 45s for this year. In total, new subscribers will receive twelve 45s. 

For US subscribers, the cost of membership is $150 a year, which includes postage. Outside the US membership is $225 including postage.

Check the XRC label design (shouts to Soul Summit’s Mo Manley for that) .

45s forever,
Danny Holloway & Aaron Paar


XRC series 1 membership is at capacity and is now closed.

Stay tuned for the next series.


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